Setup Recurring Payment

Please use this form to setup automatic payments for your web hosting. Your monthly payment will be made automatically by credit or debit card. Be sure to select the hosting plan that you’re using. Please note that this form is for existing hosting clients only. If you’d like to setup a new hosting account, please contact us first.

Contact us if you have any questions on how to set this up.

Web Hosting Automatic Billing
  • American Express
  • NapaStyle
    You've become an integral part of our team and have met every deliverable - even the last minute ones!

  • StudioMoon
    We invited StudioMoon to focus on what they wanted - not what they thought they could have.

  • Boys & Girls Club of the Peninsula
    Without your help, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula never would have launched our new web site. You are responsive and easy to work with.

  • Lambda Literary Review
    We love the new site! It looks so much better than what we had and it's much easier to maintain. Thanks!

  • Alameda County Community Food Bank
    You went way above and beyond for us. You were so patient and professional have a great way of translating technical language into language that we could clearly understand.

What We Do

Yes, we know technology. And a whole lot more.

Sure, you can hire someone to code a website for you to the specs that you develop. But can that organization help you separate tactics from strategy to develop the specs for your site that accurately reflect your business goals? We have over 20 years experience in both business and tech and are adept at helping smaller organizations craft the elevator speech of what they do.

One you have that crisp, clear elevator speech everything else falls into place much easier. We can help you with all aspects of technology so that you can focus on your passion - running your business!

  • We Create Great Web Experiences

    You have about 5 seconds to keep a new visitor on your site. We follow through and deliver! We explain all the options up front and help you with the pros and cons of each option. We set clear expectations and have a proven development process that ensures your expectations are met every time!

    We can help you create a great and engaging web experience to get your site noticed. We can help you deliver a deliver a clear message that gets users engages in your site. We help you drive users to your goals with a call to action. We help you manage your own content so you don’t need a tech person to make many types of changes to your site.

  • Web Store Expertise

    Successful stores require integrating a vast array of many different thoughts and ideas. We’re experts in Magento and WordPress commerce solutions. Both of these tools are feature-rich, well-supported and offer your store a flexible, feature-rich solution that address a wide range of businesses. Both of these solutions offer you complete flexibility and control over the look, content and functionality of your online store. Both tools have an intuitive administration interface that contains powerful marketing, search engine optimization and catalog-management tools. The different tools do have advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs. We can help you through the confusion around setting up a web store or making your current store more flexible for you and your customers.

  • Technology Strategy and Consulting

    Do you know how to use technology to automate tasks, find new customers, communicate with customers, and track and measure your business? If your computer crashes, are you ready? Do you want your data to stay private?

    We can help you see the big picture and prioritize requirements based on impact, urgency and cost so you know what should come first. We can help you simplify your work and keep you smiling. We can set up a safe, secure environment that will let you connect from anywhere in the world!

  • Mobile Development

    As of mid 2013, mobile users make up a bit over 20% of the web and the percentage of users accessing the web through mobile devices is growing very swiftly. Your site must be mobile ready!

    Responsive web design automatically gives your user a beautiful and easy to use design that works seamlessly across desktops, smartphones, and tablets. There is no need for a mobile version because a responsive website automatically detects the capabilities of the user’s device and delivers a great experience!