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How Much Does A Website Cost?

The short answer is ‘it depends.’ The more detailed answer is that the cost of a website is highly dependent on the degree of customization required. Generally the more time it takes to develop your site the more t will cost. Getting a good understanding of the costs and the drivers for the cost is… Read more »

The State of Web Fonts

When writing a document we’re used to being able to select from a list of many different types of fonts. While the web can use many fonts the process of font selection can be challenging to those setting up a new site. Often one of the early questions I get is “Why can’t I use… Read more »

Pages and Posts

One important area for new WordPress site owners is the difference between pages and posts. Let’s try to clear that up. Posts Posts are entries usually listed in reverse chronological order on your site. There are some ordering exceptions, but the common element of posts is that they appear in some predefined order. Think of… Read more »

Check Out Our New WordPress Theme!

We’ve developed many WordPress themes for clients for specific projects. I was looking for a 3 column theme with a variable middle column and a vertical menu. (I don’t know why there are so few vertical menus for WordPress.) Anyway, I couldn’t find a theme I liked, so I wrote my own. Feel free to… Read more »

What’s Your Message?

With such head-starts, the five figure medium-sized website cost quickly becomes four. The four figure small business website cost becomes three. The home-grown sideline business goes from three figures to two (many premium WordPress themes designs are available for only $50). You can even get a WordPress website on their sister site for free. Buy… Read more »