Alice James Books

Alice James Books is a poetry publisher. Their staff was spending way too much time wrangling with their old site. Updates were incredibly difficult and maintaining a web store was so time consuming that they were losing sales. The biggest problem with their old site was that it was extremely cumbersome to add new titles and show all the titles by a particular author. We used the flexibility of WordPress to not only make adding and updating titles easy, but to also ensure that all titles from each of their many authors were easily found and cross indexed.

The publisher already had their entire catalog available on PayPal and they wanted to keep PayPal as their payment processor. We built a custom PayPal solution and integrated that store into WordPress so that they can easily update the catalog themselves. The bookstore allows the staff to assign titles to several categories just like a physical bookstore. This allows their fans to find titles that are similar to works they already enjoy!

The homepage features recent titles with a link to the entire catalog. Each title features recent literary reviews, a selected sample poem, a press kit and a link to a page about each author.