Naked Yoga for Men

Naked Yoga for Men provides a space for men to come together and connect spiritually, mentally and physically in a non-sexual setting to practice yoga. The teachers were having a challenge updating their old site to publicize their classes. They also needed a rolling calendar of events so yoga practitioners could easily find classes in their area.

The teachers wanted their site to be open and reflective of the spirit they bring to their classes and events. We built a WordPress based site that shows the energy and spirit of the practice yet is also easily navigated so that readers can quickly find upcoming classes and events.

We listened to the instructors describe the feelings and emotions they wanted to convey through the site and translated these feelings into workable designs. We explained the tradeoffs of the various designs and features so that they could easily see the pros and cons of every option.

The community feedback on the new site was uniformly positive. Those attending classes were able to see which instructor was leading which class and helped attract more attendees to their classes and special events.