Ed has been working with Taproot as a pro bono tech developer. He was the technical project manager and a lead developer on a team that recently completed a website for Stagebridge. Stagebridge is a non-profit that is transforming how people view and experience aging. They were looking for a new website.

The new site was to be used as a way to communicate the passion that Stagebridge has in helping seniors live complete and satisfying lives. The new site was to be lively, informative and energizing.

Old Stagebridge SiteThe existing website was not well organized and it was difficult to find what a reader wanted. Rather then start this project redesigning the site, Ed suggested that the organization take a step back and look at their vision and mission. This vision and mission could then become the basis for a new site.

A website is a vehicle to deliver a message. If the original message isn’t clear there’s no way the site will be clear. So we focused on developing the short elevator speech with Stagebridge. We brainstormed on what they do to relentlessly focus on a small number of core, easy to understand messages. We came up with four: see, play, transform and learn. These four words became the basis for the new site.

By using WordPress as our website development environment, we were able to let Stagebridge concentrate on their content and refine their message while we efficiently developed the new site.

The new site used these four core areas to fully express their message. The site was built entirely in WordPress and delivered in a very short time frame. In fact, the majority of the time of this project was business brainstorming rather than technical design.