StudioMoon StyleSites

StudioMoon, an identity design firm in San Francisco, hired us to develop several WordPress sites. These sites, referred to as StyleSites, are an online graphic standards guide that covers many important aspects of the client’s identity and makes it easy to download art on an as-needed basis. These sites are used to transfer important information and files to key vendors, educate and train new employees, stay up to date on any changes to the company’s visual image, and help their client better understand the “visual spirit” of the company.

StudioMoon wanted to use WordPress to develop the sites and had very specific requirements on the site structure and design. One of the requirements was a distinct navigation system consisting of a horizontal main menu and vertical sub menus. When a user selects on a main menu item, the corresponding sub menu will open in the left column. We built this customized navigation system leveraging native WordPress navigation functions. This allows StudioMoon to easily change the navigation as needed while also leveraging their knowledge of WordPress. The code we developed is entirely compatible with WordPress therefore, the sites can be easily updates as new versions of WordPress are released.

Since the client is focused on graphic design elements, they had very specific requirements on the layout of the pages. We ensured that the page layout was exactly what our client wanted. When there were differences between what was feasible on print and the web, we showed the client various options and the noted the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

By leveraging the power of WordPress, we were able to quickly and easily develop customized similar sites for many of StudioMoon’s clients.

We also helped StudioMoon develop their Artvault site. This site will be used as a central repository for many of their clients. Since it will house digital assets for many clients, authentication and security was paramount. Each client should only be able to work with their own assets – not the art StudioMoon developed for other clients. We leveraged the existing stylesite theme we already built and added security features so each client was only able to access their own pages. We enhanced the standard WordPress navigation to only show the menus that each client could access while allowing StudioMoon to easily see all their clients artwork.