SutdioMoon, a San Francisco corporate identity agency, was looking to replace their old Flash based website. They wanted a site that would not only showcase their work, but would also be a design destination itself.

Their design specification were detailed and exact. Although they had worked with WordPress before, they weren’t sure that their detailed design specifications would work in WordPress. During our design meetings we kept noticing that they were imposing limits on what they were asking for because they thought WordPress wouldn’t be able to do exactly what they wanted.

We asked them to focus on the design what they wanted – not what they thought they could have. They then came up with a design that not only showcased their design expertise, but also allowed them to show their entire portfolio of ┬ábrand and product identity work. We then went to work taking their design specs and translating them into WordPress requirements. For example, jumped into action and developed a new WordPress post type for their clients; each client would have multiple logos, products, print items, digital designs and other identity elements. We then built the functionality in a WordPress custom theme to tie all these disparate design elements together in a clear cohesive presentation to make their portfolio shine!

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