How We Work

You want an awesome website that gets your organization noticed and delivers results. Yet, you’re small and really don’t have the capability of a full-time technology person.

We know technology. And a whole lot more. Sure, you can hire someone to code a website for you to specs that you develop. But can that person separate strategy from tactics and help you determine what those specs should be? We have over 20 years experience in both business and technology and are adept at helping smaller organizations and one person shops craft their message for the web. Once you have that crisp, clear message everything else falls into place much easier.

We can help you with all aspects of technology so that you can focus on your passion – running your business!

How do we do this?

Discover and planDiscover and Plan

Technology in a vacuum is useless. We begin by understanding your business and your goals; this, in turn, help develop your technology strategy. Just as it makes no sense to start building a house until you have finalized blueprints, it doesn’t work to start adding technology without an overall plan.

We often begin by helping you come up with the small number a things that you do – which helps craft your summary message. This summary message is often referred to as your “elevator speech.” How would you answer the question of what you do in under 15 seconds? That’s your message!

From this basic message, we use the combination of our business and technical experience to help you develop a technology strategy, then we’ll show you ideas of what’s possible. Only then would it make sense to start to work on tactical issues.

We don’t just write code; we help you with what should be coded.

Design and buildDesign and Build

We simply execute – every time!

With your strategy we can free you from the technical details. We simply make the technology work for you. Our project process keeps you in the loop at all times and always informs you of options and benefits and concerns about each option. We take pride in being able to present highly complex technical issues in a clear and concise way – giving you the information you need to make informed decisions.

Our project methodologies are fully transparent, so that you have full visibility into what we’re doing and when we’re doing it. We can work within most budgets to ensure that the technology solutions we develop meet your goals while also staying within your budget.

We can train you on all aspects of using the technology tools. We make WordPress and Magento easy to use so that you have complete control over your own content.

Launch and growLaunch and Grow

Most of our clients have existing technology that needs to be replaced; this technology needs to continue to work right up until we stitch over to the new process. We know that your current technology needs to be available for your customers and your staff so we are relentless to ensure that nothing we do impacts your ability to run your business.

Once your new site is ready and you’re familiar with how it works, we plan and coordinate the perfect time for launch. We then show you how to monitor your site traffic and goals and make refinements to maximize your value.