Who We Are

Tall Blade Development captures that sweet spot where solid technical skills intersect with real-world business experience. Founded by Ed Ehrgott, Tall Blade Development bridges creative and problem solving skills with a relentless focus on getting things done. We support clients in becoming effective while retaining an authentic connection to their mission, vision and values. Balance is important as the bottom line. Getting systems humming can help business owners find that balance once again.

We are experts in how to leverage technology for your organization. We can handle everything from web development, mobile development, visual design and technology strategy. We are experts in using WordPress and Magento.

Our Team
Ed EhrgottEd Ehrgott, Founder:

Ed combines the financial and business experience of a CPA (inactive) with over 20 years of real-world experience in information technology. Prior to starting Tall Blade Development, Ed was a Vice President at Charles Schwab where he was responsible for ensuring that the systems were up and running and sleuthing around when problems happened. Prior to that, he worked at Clorox focusing on implementing technology solutions throughout Latin America.

Since leaving Schwab, Ed has pursued  two main passions: helping people live in the present moment and assisting folks in solving tech challenges. These diverse passions underscore Ed’s belief that everyone should follow their own path.

Throughout, Ed remained intrigued with software, writing a successful vertical market business application in the mid 90′s. He set his sights on web development about 10 years ago. These efforts planted the seeds for what today has become a unique and passionate company enterprise in helping the world work a little bit better.

Ed believes strongly in giving back to the community. He is a volunteer with the Taproot Foundation where he offers his WordPress expertise as a roving troubleshooter helping out web development projects in trouble.